Jake and Karen's house...
...the progress

basement current photos; wine cellar

The basement is nice and open. The main item is we wanted it as open as possible and bonus, the cold storage.. future wine cellar! The furnace and stairs are tucked to one wall and doesn't take up space in the middle of the room. When this is finished it'll be amazing!

View of very large basement. We'll finish it in a few years and have a seating area, pool table (hopefully) and a few other areas.

Network nook, we have all the computers feeding out of this area. Every room in the house is networked for high speed internet and satellite, everything will be managed from here.

Craft/project area, still need packing and sorting out.

Storage area, this will be enclosed with the furnace room.

Open area, pretty much empty right now.

DVD collection right down the stairs. Also door to cellar is visible to the left, future wine cellar!!