Jake and Karen's house...
...the progress

basement current photos; wine cellar

We have a large cold cellar in the corner of the basement, it falls under the porch in the floor plan. I got tired of having my wine on the floor everywhere in those wine packaging cardboard boxes that always fall apart. We will build something very nice looking in the future when we're working on finishing the basement, but for now, we wanted something dirt cheap and functional. We had a bunch of pine shelving from Ikea that we used to store books and everything else at our old place, we weren't using it so we decided to repurpose them for the liquour/wine storage. The units had wine inserts available, but they were metal and I hate the sound glass makes on metal, so we built our own.

Here it is, all our wine and liquor, not exactly accessable or organized.

Basic bookshelves set up in shortest, smallest corner of cellar.

Jake cut strips of very inexpensive pine boards to make the stops for the bottle.

Here he's installing the stops, note the spacer (cheater, he's not measuring, lol) and nail gun. We can remove these later on when we build something else and re-use the shelves.

One shelf completed.

Here they all are, installed and organized. The top row of wine is white (mostly for guests), middle row is red, mostly me which is why there isn't too much left, must make a trip to the store. The bottom row is ice wine, dessert wine and specialties. In case you were wondering, the bottle on the top is my favourite, Beaujolais Superieur Bouchard Aine & Fils. All our liquor is on the right, single file so no rooting for anything.