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We needed to replace our old tv unit shown in the shot below. It was much too tall, top heavy and not very attractive in general, just barely functional. We designed a low, sleek unit with the components behind glass doors, space for speakers, a bit of storage. We also wanted to make it in a size that would work for a future flat panel/DLP tv, but that's not for at least a year from now.


Old tv unit needed replacing.

Here is the unit dryfitted. We used oak veneered plywood, glass shelves and framed glass doors.

Testing stain colour. We ended up settling on a brown walnut aniline dye as the base coat with a bombay mahogany stain on top. We finished it with a satin polyurethane for durability..

The doors ready for glass and hinges.

Assembled and ready for staining.

Inside, the shelves are glass, the knobs from Ikea. The hinges from Lee Valley.

The back was designed to cover this mass of wires for a cleaner look.

Much better, clean back with minimal wire jungle.

Here it is in position. We upgraded or old floor speakers for better quality bookshelf size speakers on stands.

Drawer and doors open.

And as originally intended, it works perfectly for our new 46" LCD tv.