Jake and Karen's house...
...the progress

backyard: current photos; fence; shed

Finally at the end of June 2006 we started putting in a fence. I initiate the project for us and four other neighbours. They were happy to have someone else organize it and happily went along with the design. It was a lot of organization, hand holding and of course the work that Jake did building it, but how nice it is.

By now you know that we do everything ourselves. However, paying to get the post holes done was the best money spent. They were in and out while we were at work and we didn't have to waste a day or more, rent equipment or do heavy lifting.

The framing is complete. It was easier to bring the saw to the backyard.

Once complete side. There's going to be a gate at the end there.

Done, all that's left is fence caps.

Ah, fence caps. Jake made these with his router.

The gate if you can belive it.

The gate partially spread out on the driveway. We couldn't decide which side to put the gate on, so we put it on both sides, and both are double gates!