Jake and Karen's house...
...the progress

foyer current photos; console unit; inside front door

We really wanted to build up the trim around the inside of the front door. While the builder's trim wasn't completely skimpy, it was relatively underwhelming. WIth the extended baseboard in the foyer, the door's trim looked small. We purchased one piece of molding and Jake build the rest using his router and saw. We ultimately plan on painting the inside of the door black, but we'll probably do that as another project.

This is before. Basic builder's trim.

Builder's trim removed.

Dryfitting columns. All of this was done using flat MDF and a router.

Crown part partially made. The white part is the only piece of actual molding that we bought.

Home made dentil molding

Crown piece ready.

All pieces tacked and dryfitted..

Spray painting 2 coats of oil primer. Easier than a paint brush because of the dentil.

Plinth detail on column.

Crown detail.

Tada... installed and painted.

The ultimate vision includes painting the door black. (This is just photoshop for now). We will also change the door hardware to white metal. probably a pair of lever style handles instead of knobs.