Jake and Karen's house...
...the progress

foyer current photos; console unit; inside front door

The foyer is double height with open, curved staircase. The pickets, rails are oak, stained cherry, they are bigger than standard, hence the stain and pickets/handrail was an upgrade.. The tiles are a gray variegated version, we wanted gray specifically, the builder didn't offer it so we went directly to their tile source and picked it out.

You can see right through to the back of the house, it makes the house look bigger and really lets a lot of light in.

As you can see, the cats like the ledge, they climb up and jump over on their own. Eventually I'll get some type of large floor vases/trunk/pottery decor stuff for that landing above the closet.

We installed a cable track at the top of the stairs for additional lighting in the foyer. We actually had this piece in our old apartment, works well here.

We installed that light fixture before we even moved to the house, had to replace the ugly globe one from the builder.

Ripped off the builder installed carpet on the two landings.


That's how you get up there. Jake's taping the drywall. He said he kind of likes it up there, he can totally see why the cats love it there. I stayed out of this one for the most part, I'm not allowed to climb ladders, ever since I popped out my knee and ended up on the floor twice this year after turning on ladders.

Painted. Colour is Benjamin Moore Sandy Hook Gray, HC-108

Of course we added to our existing baseboards as we have throughout the main floor. The curve on the inside of the stairs required baseboard so this is how Jake cut it to allow it to bend.

Installing the pot lights. 4 in the foyer. Jake wired up a box for a future chandelier, since he was in the attic anyways.

Silly Odie, always getting into everything. This is one of the boxes for the insulation housing for the pot lights.

Pot lights partially installed.

Finished! Going down the stairs. (we keep blinds on that window because our next door neighbour has a balcony in the front of their house that 'could' see into our house through this window.

Night shot. Notice the wall plug in the far right of the picture. That's for future art/light sculpture. It is wired up to a switch downstairs. I'm on the lookout for a large urn grouping for that space.

Front door. Next project will be adding to the existing molding around the door and painting the doors a more impactful colour. On the long list is new door hardware.

After at night.

After at night.

After at night. I'm on the lookout for a new rug for the entrance. Something between 4x5 and 5x6, tough sizes to find.

Lighting in the space. The pot lights, track lighting and future chandelier are all on 3-way switches, you can turn them on downstairs or at the top of the stairs.

During the day.

During the day.

During the day.

During the day.

Closeup of art in the area. I made these myself many years ago. I took macro digital photos of flowers. I then photoshoped, printed and framed them.

Ebay purchase. Top 4 are hung to the wall. The bottom 8 are suspended using fishing line. We wanted to minimize the # of holes we put in the wall.

A wedding present from some good friends. It's a beautifully framed textured print.