Jake and Karen's house...
...the progress

foyer current photos; console unit; inside front door

We needed a console unit in the foyer for a number of reasons. Jake kept putting his keys, cell phone, receipts, etc in a box on the stairs, that just kept overflowing, so we needed something else. The foyer is a very large space and needed a large piece of furniture to anchor it. I showed Jake an inspiration photo from Pottery Barn, we figured out how high, wide and deep we wanted the unit and Jake set out to build it. It's fully custom, not too deep, just wide enough to clear the door, floor vent and look impactful, and counter height. We used MDF because of cost and because it was a painted finish. We sprayed it with Benjamin Moore Onyx in and oil finish. This was mostly Jake's project, he even did the finishing and got a router out of it. It took a long long time to build, a lot of work and we're very very happy with it.

Shell of unit.

Paneled sides, base and top.


Assembley for doors. They still need to be routed.

Doors assembled and lined up.

Entire unit finished. The red stuff you see is actually car body filler. We used it on the edges of the MDF to seal it for painting, and to provide a smooth sanded surface.

Here's Jake in his makeshift spraybooth in the garage. He hung drop cloth plastic and created a large enclosed area. We bought a sprayer from Lee Valley and hooked it up to the compressor. Jake was pretty impressed with the sprayer, for $50, it did a pretty good job.

Unit in the foyer! Exact scale and look that we were going for.

Front shot. I have to think about accessorizing, I'm tempted to leave it as is, the wall fixture adds a lot of interest but I feel like it needs something still.. maybe the walls just need to be painted.

Overhead shot. I need a new rug for this space now, somethiing a bit more decorative and larger. Any ideas?

At night.

Closeup. Note all the panelled detailing.

The inside of the unit. The drawers are stained ebony and the inside of the cupboards are painted with some leftover paint I had from another project. The drawer slides, knobs and hinges are all from Lee Valley.