Jake and Karen's house...
...the progress

front view first year photos; serviceberry tree; construction photos; front yard interlock

We thought we'd start the landscaping in the front by adding a tree. I reserched and researched and decided I wanted a serviceberry. It is a small tree, growing about 20' high, small leaves with filteres shade. It has flowers in the spring, and berries in the summer, turning red in the fall. I got it for my birthday! We bought it from Dutchmaster Nurseries, a local wholesaler only open to the public on Saturday mornings, and as a result got a much bigger tree than we could normally afford. We however had to organize our own delivery.

Here we are at the nursery, they had to load it onto our rented pick-up truck with a crane.

Jake got it down most of the way, but a neighbour helped him get it straight in the hole.

Planted! I watered with transpanter fertilizer, hopefully it'll do well in it's new home. This perspective makes it look bigger.. it's 11 feet tall (we measured it when it was lying down), and 70mm diameter. I will try to get a photo of it for every season.

Tree in the fall. The red leaves almost disappear against the red brick.

In the winter.

Springtime, covered in white blooms.

Closeup of the blooms.

The gold finches that like to hang out at the feeder.