Jake and Karen's house...
...the progress

garage current photos; insulation project

One of the big requirements for the house was a 2 car garage. Jake has his workshop on one half, and the other half is used for the car in the wintertime. In the summer we use it for the bbq, bikes, etc. He wanted to finish by fully insulating the room, and painting it to look neat. It's now a decent temperature in the winter, good thing.. cuz projects happen year round! This room almost looks better than the rest of the house! See details about the finishing process by clicking on the insulation link above.

You can see the entire room is drywalled and painted. Everything is neat for the photo! The workshop half, shows the workbench, tool cupboard above that can close shut, table saw and central vac. It's usually in various stages of neatness, depending on what project is going on. Also note the wood storage on the ceiling.

We got an awesome deal at ikea for those cabinets, the entire wall is full of storage, everything looks neat because it's behind doors. Note the walls and ceilings are finished and painted.

This is standing at the entrance from the house looking towards what would be outside. Note insulated doors.

Pre-finishing the room.

Pre-finishing the room.