Jake and Karen's house...
...the progress

garage current photos; insulation project

We decided to insulate the garage so Jake can work in the workshop during the winter. It also helps to keep the room above the garage warmer in the winter. However, when Jake went to install the garage door opener, he had to remove some drywall in the ceiling, which let to insulating the ceiling too. He removed all the drywall, insulated, added vapour barrier and reused the drywall.

The garage door was insulated using pink styrofoam insulation and bubble foil wrap. I'm sure it's more technical than that but that's all I can remember.

Removing the drywall.

Wall partially insulated.

Wall fully insulated.

And vapour barriered.

Ceiling drywall removed.

More drywall removed from ceiling. The yellow stuff is where the bedroom is above, but the rest of the garage ceiling is not insulated.

Partial insulation and vapour barrier for ceiling.

Fully insulated ceiling.

Some drywall being replaced, garage door opener installed.

Now to the ceiling.

The ceiling was raised and reframed closer to the top. Rough-in for 6 twin fluorescent fixtures. Additional insulation, entire room now insulated, will also make room above garage much warmer.

Drywall hanging. Very difficult to do on the ceiling. Brackets were constructed to help support drywall for a 1-person job.

Drwyall in progress. Tedious process because of all the little angles and indentations. Jake wanted it wrapped as close as possible to the joists to maximize space.

Primed. See results...