Jake and Karen's house...
...the progress

gardens 2004

I planted a few things this year for some colour, and bought a few plants on sale just to add a few things for next year. I don't know if I'll keep all these in the same places, but at least it'll be interesting until we can do proper landscaping. I'm an ultra beginner.. so.. be kind :)

Window box I planted, hangs on the front porch. It's 2 lobelia and 2 wave petunias. It got really big by the end of the summer, but I found that the lobelias really took over, I'll put less in next time.

Hanging basket I bought from Costco. It really grew well, I will definitely repurchase next year. It hangs between the garage doors.

Planter I planted, 2 lobelia, 2 wave petunias and one gorgeous pink flower that I don't know the name of. That pink flower took over, I love it, next year I'll give it a pot by itself and forget about the lobelia and petunias.

Closeup shot of the pink flower. (Using my Nikon 4500 in a macro shot)

We actually got a humming bird for a few days at the feeder! Very exciting, consider it's stark around here.. no trees, bushes, etc.

Nikko Blue hydrangea, I bought at Home Depot at end of season sale for $7. It's already grown some, I hope to have flowers next year. It's planted at the back of the house.

Roses on sale at end of season. I have 2 Improved Blaze closest to the house, I hope they will grow and climb up a trellis on the porch next year. I even got 3 roses from them already. There are also 2 other roses from Home Depot in front. All the roses were diseased, I've treated them and I hope next year in better growing conditions they will do fine. They all already have new shoots so I guess they like their new home.

Photo of the first rose

2 Rose of Sharon and a Clematis. I'm hoping the Rose of Sharon will grow to provide a bit of a privacy screen from the neighbour's porch, and the clematis up the downspout. I got all of these on sale at end of season too.