Jake and Karen's house...
...the progress

hallway current photos

Here's the hallway at the top of the stairs. There's all 4 bedrooms, 1 guest bath and 1 linen closet.

The builder gave us one globe light in the hallway, and because it's so long, it's pretty dim. We of course had to improve on it.

Holes cut for 5 pot lights, approximately 4 feet apart, reusing the existing hole for the globe light.

Tada.. this is standing at our bedroom facing the opposite end which has the office and the stairs to downstairs. There are 2 lights right at the master bedroom entrance since the hallway widens for the double doors, the next light is centred approximately to the entrance of the two bedrooms, next one by linen closet and last one at the other end by the bathroom. The lights can be angled, and once we get some art on the walls, they will be tilted to spotlight those. We eventually want to replace the carpet with some type of wood/laminate floor.

This shot is taken from the office end of the hallway, towards the master bedroom.