Jake and Karen's house...
...the progress

kitchen current photos; details; side unit; lighting; pantry pull-outs; drawer conversion; backsplash; bulletin-board

We lived for 2 years without a backsplash in the kitchen. We originally wanted to put in some marble mosaic but it was much too expensive. We ended up finding some beautiful crema marfil polished marble subway tile at Saltilo Tile in Toronto at a great price because it was an end lot. And as usual, we didn't just put up tile, we moved the electrical outlets from the backsplash to under the upper cabinets so we would have a continuous run of backsplash.



Outlets moved to under cabinets

Wall patched where old outlets were, new outlets are just under the cabinets.

Tiles layed out to check for colour and fit.

Installed, cut up wood blinds make great spacers :)

Ta da! Note there are no outlets in sight!

Stove area. We used metal edging for tile floors on either side of the stainless steel of the stove backsplash for a nice clean edge.

Sink area, note we left that outlet there because there was no place to hide it.

There's the outlet, now I can plug in appliances without cords trailing everywhere.

Close up of the creme marfil.

Sink area. Starting to put room back together. Bambo looks great, a donation from a friend.