Jake and Karen's house...
...the progress

kitchen current photos; details; side unit; lighting; pantry pull-outs; drawer conversion; backsplash; bulletin-board

I wanted a bulletin board in the kitchen for phone messages, business cards, grocery list, calendar, etc all the typical stuff you need handy. I wanted pushpin as well as magnet, but I wanted neat and tidy, not the typical open bulletin board. I saw the Designer Guys build a simpler version of what we built, so I used that as inspiration for the design, and also used some placemats I loved from Homesense to design it. I explained to Jake and he set out to build it. We used a basic MDF construction, ceiling tile for the pushpin and glavanized metal form the magnetic surface. This was a pretty difficult project, with so many layers, the edges really needed a lot of sanding to be smooth.

Pieces cut and layed out.

Assembled and glued

Covering the ceiling tile with very thin batting and fabric. I took a pushpin to the fabric store to make sure it would slide through easily and not catch or leave a hole.

Dry run with hinges.


Painted, melamine paint.

Ribbon pattern done, waiting to be assembled. Testing functionality with a business card.

Tada! done! and hung! The placemats look like a piece of textured art, and complements the kitchen cabinets. If I get bored of the 'art', I can easily change it, or maybe make some mattes and put 2 photos, etc.. the possibilities are almost endless.

Inside. Pushpin/ribbon board and magnetic board!I wanted hinged in this direction so it opened into the kitchen and not to the entrance to the kitchen. A cabinet magnet holds it closed. We used 4 hinges for extra strength.

It's final home in context of the room.