Jake and Karen's house...
...the progress

kitchen current photos; details; side unit; lighting; pantry pull-outs; drawer conversion; backsplash; bulletin-board


Jake built a sideboard for the kitchen to house our lcd tv, telephone and microwave. It's made from 3/4" maple plywood primarily, legs and handles from ikea. Note to self, if you ever plan on staining something, don't use maple! it does not take the stain well, only good for clear finishes.


Here's the final unit, fits perfectly. The microwave has trim around it so it's properly vented. The top centre drawer has the remote keyboard and remote mouse for the computer that's hooked up to the lcd panel. The computer is actully mounted in the basement below. The lcd panel has a built in tuner so I can watch tv, it also has a feed from the tv in the family room so I can watch whatever is on in the other room, be it a DVD, etc.

Closeup of 17" lcd tv/computer screen.

Mouse, keyboard and remote neatly tucked way in top drawer.

Frame complete.

Top on, and clamped.

Drawers installed.

Doors installed, trim for microwave.


Staining main unit.

Staining doors and drawer fronts. This took over the kitchen for a week!

Here's where the unit was placed. It replaced that extra cabinet and clutter.