Jake and Karen's house...
...the progress

laundry room current photos

This is the laundry room, the builder actully supplied the cabinets. It has access to the garage. It's fairly large and also acts as a mud-room in the winter when we access the car primarily through the garage.

We have the frigidaire front load set. If we ever need to, we can stack them. The cupboards above are handy for storage. The large sink is very useful, great for flower pots, etc. I haven't found an elegant solution for the brooms and mops as yet. There's a second hamper, handy to have one on both floors.

We used the laundry room as a bar during a party, works very well. Liquor on the dryer, beer, pop, ice inside the sink which was filled with ice, condiments and glasses on the washer!

my mistake, with the floorplan, the dryer is to the left, washer to the right