Jake and Karen's house...
...the progress

living room current photos; pot lights

The living room is beside the family room, separated by a half wall. The two rooms almost act as one and are not separated. To the immediate right of the living room is the entrance down to the basement.

We set out to paint the room, add crown molding and make the baseboards thicker. We used Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore and Night Horizan for the accent wall.

BEFORE: This is the room before any paint and trim. The butterfly chairs will go to the basement once we get a sofa here.

BEFORE: Cleared out and ready to go.

BEFORE: Accent wall

DURING: Painting all the extra trimwork in the garage.

DURING: Crown molding done in two parts. One part baseboard all around the room, then the crown molding on top of the baseboard. Much more cost effective by using thicker crown molding and I think it looks better.

DURING: Stacked another baseboard on top of the existing baseboard. Gives it a lot more ooomph. :)

AFTER: All painted and furniture replaced in the room. Now I need that leather sofa and coffee table. I also need to start thinking about window treatments.

AFTER: The accent wall! We ended up changing the switch plant and switches to black to blend into the dark wall.

AFTER: View facing the front of the house.

AFTER: View facing the kitchen and family room.

New Eileen Gray table, need some accessories and a floor lamp for here.

New leather sofa. Bought from Coja, the Sarina model. It is very comfortable and the leather's baby soft. We now need a coffee table to get this room finished furnished.

With hardwood installed.