Jake and Karen's house...
...the progress

office current photos; built-in bookshelves; custom cabinets

The bedroom at the front of the house is used as an office. It's a fairly large room, which is good since we need to accommodate both of us. We lived with it as a plain white box with just a flat surface for a table top for three years, then we painted the walls and trim, decided to build custom cabinets, upgraded the lighting and so on. The entire process of building the cabinets, painting and installation took approximately two and a half months of occasional evenings and weekends. During a big part of this time I was unable to help as I was recovering from a broken ankle.

This is the front of the office, my computer is on the left. You can see some unpacked boxes, my kitty Luna is looking out the window.

This is the other side of the room. The closet has all our books and stationary.

Here's the room cleared for painting

This is the wall where the table top was.

Jake scraping off the stucco ceiling. It's such a beautiful vaulted ceiling we thought it would much nicer smooth. It was very easy to do, though a bit messy.

Four pot lights installed, and painting has begun.

Final product, the wall colours are Silver Mink by Pratt & Lambert and the accent blue is Gunnel also by Pratt & Lambert. The baseboards and trim were also painted with Benjamin Moore Cloud White in an oil finish.

The beautiful vaulted ceiling, now smooth and new pot lights.

Network and phone jacks. When we built the house, every single room was wired up for network, phone and satellite. The office has multiple sets and everything is connected to the home network, with the router in the basement.

Final room, Odie checking it out.

The cabinets are in waiting in an adjoining room. Time for the installation. View full details of the cabinet construction.

First set of cabinets hung. Jake put supports on the wall and they fit into a slot behind the cabinets. Makes hanging them much easier than balancing a heavy cabinet and a level. They are painted Benjamin Moore Black Bean Soup.

Hinges ready for installation.

Most cabinets installed, curious kitties checking out the new furniture.

Template positioned for drilling the holes for the handles.

Drawer slides close up. All drawer slides are full extension (rare for bulit ins and desks, as they are very expensive compared to standard slides). Also closer view of the handles. The handles are from Lee Valley Tools.

Completely installed. Absolutely gorgeous, sleek, exactly what we wanted.

Fantastic view of all the storage. Pull outs for the keyboards, scanner and printer, plus four drawers per person, closed area for CPU, two overhead cupboards as well as two display shelves each. This was fully custom to exactly meet our needs. Whenever we sell this house, this is coming with us. Everything is built in segmets so the unit can be reconfigured in a different shaped/sized room.

The wires from above the desk go through a grommeted hole on the desktop, under the desk and into an opening into the CPU cabinet. No wires are visible under the desk.

Wires coming into CPU cabinet.

UPS and other wire/power management in CPU cabinet.

Exact fit for CPU/Scanner. Room for additional cables for MP3 player, USB key, digital camera charger, etc.

Computers installed. We bought new 19" LCDs, Jake decided he needed a 2nd monitor. A bit of decorating has begun, nothing final as yet.

Front view.

My (Karen's) area.

Jake's area.

Front view showing open cabinets.

Photo showing the whole room (sorry about the lighting, bad photographer) To the left of the window is a small round table, white table top and chrome base. This was a AS IS find at Ikea, just needed a good coat of paint. We have more than enough room at the other side of the room for a sofa or daybed but we don't have anything right now. We also don't have new desk chairs as yet, still on the lookout for those.

Close up of the table. Those are two dried alliums from my garden this year and a pot of cat grass.