Jake and Karen's house...
...the progress

powder room current photos; framing mirror

We wanted to frame the standard slab mirror in the powder room. It was adhered to the wall by some type of caulking like adhesive, as well as mirror clips. We managed to stick a straightened coat hanger bent into a small hook at the end and pulled out all the adhesive, a bit at a time. Then we removed the clips. The mirror came off whole and completely intact. I showed Jake a photo I had and he set about building the mirror frame for me. We used MDF and painted it cloud white, the same as the trim in the powder room.

Here's the mirror frame clamped and the glue drying.

2 coats of oil primer, and 3 coats of cloud white in satin oil paint.

Here it is, installed. It adds such a dimension that a flat mirror couldn't, and even a plain, framed mirror could. I need the perfect, small accessory to put on the little shelf, I haven't found the right thing yet.